What is a Good Amount of Cannabis THC to Consume at a Time?

Cannabis is one of the safest natural occurring recreational and therapeutic drugs. It is non-toxic, making it impossible to overdose. One has to consume an insanely high amount of weed within minutes to experience toxicity effects. Cannabis contains numerous compounds like THC, which when taken in excess, can lead to adverse side effects like increased heart, hallucinations, panic, fear, anxiety, paranoia, altered perception. So, what is a good amount of THC to consume at a time?

What is THC?

THC, otherwise known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the prominent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, followed by CBD or Cannabidiol. It is the intoxicating compound that causes the ‘high’ that a majority of people associate with weed. THC also has numerous therapeutic properties: it is a potent analgesic, antiemetic, and sleep-inducing agent.

Factors that Determine our Reaction to THC

As human beings, each of us is unique, and consequently, we have different reactions to various substances. With THC, the factors highlighted below determine how an individual reacts after consuming cannabis;

History of cannabis use – beginners, casual, and experienced consumers will have different reactions when a standard dose is administered.

Method of consumption – cannabis can be vaped, smoked, eaten as edibles, dabbed, or absorbed sublingually or through the skin (topicals and patches). Each of these methods has variable bioavailability, which determines the amount of THC that makes it to the brain.

THC tolerance – individuals with a low THC tolerance are more susceptible to adverse side effects than those with a high tolerance. 3% of people are highly sensitive to THC.

Body mass – higher body mass equals higher THC doses.

Recommended THC Dosage Chart

Most experienced consumers have the whole dosage issue sorted. This is because it takes time to find the ideal dosage and individual limits. If you are a newbie or casual user, we have created a table that will help you figure out the amount of THC that is best suited for each level of cannabis consumption experience.

1mg – 2.5mgThis is the recommended dose for beginners. Starting low allows one to test their limits as one gradually increases the dosage. At 1mg – 2.5mg, THC offers pain relief and promotes high levels of focus.
2.6 mg – 5mgAs a casual or new consumer, this dosage will cause mild euphoria and a slight buzz.
6mg – 15mgThe euphoria becomes full-blown and newbies may experience impaired coordination. The dose is moderate for experienced consumers, although the effects will be pronounced.
16mg – 30mgThis amount of THC is too high for a beginner. They are likely to experience an increase in heart rate changes in time perception.
31mg – 50mgThe dosage is for regular or daily cannabis consumers with a high tolerance for THC. To an amateur, 30 to 50 grams of THC will lead to adverse side effects, such as paranoia, anxiety, fear, and panic.
51+mgThis dose is too high for everyone, especially anyone with a low THC tolerance who might experience intense hallucinations.

Take away

Cannabis is considered generally safe for consumption: it is non-toxic and offers numerous therapeutic and recreational benefits. Finding the ideal THC dosage is the first step towards harnessing all the benefits the cannabinoid has to offer. Starting small is always prudent; 1mg to 2.5mg is an excellent dose for a beginner.

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