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8.5 out of 10

LiT Vape Pens

Lit Vape Pens are a more niche online marijuana dispensary as they focus primarily on their cannabis vape pens. However, they do offer other weed products and after testing their weed vape pens, Lit Vape Pens is our personal favorite pot vape pens in Canada. Sleek and sexy, these marijuana vape pens have a premium look and feel. Its slim form-factor slips nicely into any pocket making it convenient to carry around. LiT also offers many great flavours, making LiT Vape Pens a top choice for cannabis vape pens.

– Beautiful, sleek design and long lasting
– Great flavours in two size options
– Excellent customer service
– Hopefully more great flavour options to be added later
– Limited (but growing) edibles section

Is legitimate?

Yes, Lit Vape Pens is legitimate – they have thousands of verified customer reviews and are highly recommended for their premium weed vape pens. They are based in British Columbia, deeply passionate about the cannabis industry and are committed to providing the highest quality weed available. We have purchased from and can confirm they are legit.


Popular products:


Product Selection (9 out of 10)’s primary product is their vape pens, and they are one of the best weed vape pens on the market. While it only comes in one colour and size, they offer a number of excellent flavours in different cannabis strains (indica, sativa, hybrid) as well as CBD. You can buy THC vape pen kits which come with the weed vape pen, a charger and your choice of a 500mg or 1000mg cartridge. You can also purchase 500mg or 1000mg cartridge refills in various flavours and strains which is great if you want to switch it up. Beyond cannabis vape pens and cartridges, Lit Vape Pens also offer a limited selection of cannabis, THC edibles and CBD products. They focus primarily on their vape pen products and we really like what they have available.


Product Quality (10 out of 10)

First thing’s first – Lit Vape Pens look fantastic! They come in a sleek matte black which makes it look luxurious but discrete, and feels great to hold in hand. We were also impressed by the premium packaging – a nice box that highlights the pen and flavour cartridge – a nice touch for any enthusiast. We tested the pens out extensively and they absolutely delivered – the battery life lasted well over two months of regular daily usage before needing charging, and we love that you can control the level of burn to decide how much you want to smoke. Don’t let the compact and convenient size fool you – these pens pack a punch! LiT offers some really great flavours – some of our favourites include Grand Daddy Purple, Fruit Loops and Orange Creamsicle. We recommend picking up a LiT Vape Pen Kit to get started, and picking up a few 1000mg refill cartridges – it’s the best bang for your buck as they last twice as long as the 500mg but only cost $20 more. This also gives you a chance to try out some different flavours and cannabis strains.

LiT Vape Pens also offers an expanding suite of edibles including their own in-house brand. The LiT Edibles variety pack comes with 20 gummies, each containing 10mg of THC for a total of 200mg in the bag and in six different flavours. We found these to be more of a wine gum texture than a gummy, but overall gave us a small but deep high. We also tried out the Eddies cola bottle edibles, which comes in a bag 10 Indica gummies containing 20mg each. They were soft, had good flavour and gave us a nice relaxing high.

Our personal favourite edibles that offers is the Treat Leaf THC Candy Bags – these are one of the best tasting gummies we’ve tried and at 40mg of THC per gummy, they deliver a surprisingly strong and deep high. They are sold in a pack of 9 gummies with three different flavours: Grape, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. If you’re looking for a great tasting edible that will give you a really great high, we highly recommend picking these up.

Lit Vape Pens absolutely delivers in the quality department – their cannabis vape pens are the best in Canada, their ever-expanding inventory of flavours is excellent in taste and getting high, and their other products they offer are also very high quality.


User Experience (8 out of 10)

LiT Vape Pens have a site that matches the products they sell – beautifully designed and convenient to use. We were able to navigate through the product menus seamlessly – granted, they have a more focused selection than some others which certainly helps with the simplicity. LiT also has plenty of visuals, helping you see exactly what you’re purchasing up close and in detail. We also appreciated the user reviews – you can see what others have said about certain products before making a purchasing decision. While they don’t have a loyalty program, they do have a VIP mailing list where you immediately receive a 20% off code for signing up, as well as access to other exclusive deals. It’s not quite as robust as other loyalty programs out there but it’s still a nice perk for regular customers.


Customer Service (8 out of 10) does offer Live Chat which is a key customer service feature. We haven’t confirmed their hours but they are not 24/7 so that’s something to take be mindful of when looking for assistance. We had some questions about the cannabis vape pens so we tested out the email and Live Chat options and they were surprisingly quick to respond and very friendly and helpful to deal with.



LiT Vape Pens ships all orders through Canada Post Xpresspost for a flat rate of $15, or free shipping if you spend a minimum of $99. Order processing was lightning quick and we received our products in 3 business days.


Age verification

You must be 19+ to buy from this site and age verification is required. This means you will need to upload photo ID when placing your order (you can block out your photo and personal information for privacy purposes).



Lit Vape Pens are a bit more niche than your traditional Canadian Mail Order Marijuana (MOMs) as they focus primarily on cannabis vape pens, but they are our personal choice for the best weed vape pens in Canada. We love everything about them – the slim form factor, the sleek and matte look, the functionality and long lasting battery life, and of course the amazing flavours that come with it. It’s the perfect way to get high without any hassle. If you’re looking for a convenient weed vape pen, is absolutely the top choice you should consider.


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