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8.25 out of 10

Get Kush

Get Kush has established itself as a powerhouse as one of Canada’s top Mail Order Marijuana (MOMs) services with premium pot products, a smooth shopping experience, and highly informative commentary that is fact-checked by licensed medical doctors. With, you can feel safe and confident when making your online weed purchases.

– Customizable purchasing experience
– Highly informative details and fact-checking from medical experts
– Loyalty program and free gifts
– $80 minimum order required, $149 minimum for free shipping
– High shipping costs
– Limited live chat hours


Is legitimate?

Yes, Get Kush is legitimate – they are a family-run online cannabis dispensary who is focused on creating the best shopping experience while saving customers money on high quality weed products. We have personally purchased from and we can confirm they are legit.


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Product Selection  (10 out of 10)

Get Kush carries a wide selection of cannabis products including flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes and CBD-related. They also have a number of magic mushroom products including dried shrooms, edibles, microdose and chocolates. With a highly robust filter, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for including best sellers, top graded by category/strain, or specific brands you’re interested in. Carrying one of the biggest inventories we’ve seen, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Of course, the downside to this is that it can be overwhelming to some, but we didn’t find this to be the case given how well organized is.


Product Quality (8 out of 10)

We tried out three different cannabis strains from Get Kush and they all came in premium packaging, nicely sealed and airtight to keep things fresh. Afghani, an AAAA graded indica strain, is a fantastic choice for indica fans – the smell was fantastic and pleasant, and provided with a phenomenal high that lasted longa nd hit hard. The quality of the bud was truly premium, just dry enough to break up and roll while still moist enough to retain a nice smell to it. Northern Lights was another excellent indica choice and graded AAA. We received good-sized buds that were fluffy and smelled good but nothing special. They were easy break up, roll and smoke. The high was incredibly strong and basically knocked us out for the night! The last flower we tried was Ambrosia which is a hybrid strain graded AA. This was our least favourite of the three – the buds came in fairly small pieces, not quite shake but definitely didn’t feel premium. They were also really dry and the quality was not great. The smell was quite pungent and not pleasant at all. It had a medium high – with a relaxed and sleepy feeling but also happy and a bit euphoric. This wasn’t the best choice for a hybrid but we highly recommend the Afghani and Northern Lights for indicas.

Next up, we tried the Blackcomb Frosted Gummies which come in four lego-shaped gummies and contain 50mg of THC each. The gummies looked very appealing and were nice and soft and the sugar crystals are a nice touch – the smell was sweet just like candy. While it took a while to hit, the high was strong with a giddy and happy feeling.

Finally, we tested the Ganja Oatmeal Cookie which contains 15mg of THC. Baked goods can be hit and miss but this one really hit the spot. The cookie itself was quite soft and moist, and the smell was pleasant with no hint of weed. The taste was delicious so it was a great dessert after a meal. The high wasn’t quite as strong as we had hoped, but still left us with a decent buzz.

Overall,’s product quality was all excellent with the exception of the Ambrosia flower which was a let-down. Everything was well packaged and tightly sealed for freshness, leaving us happy with the products we purchased.


User Experience (8 out of 10)

This is where Get Kush really provides a great customer experience, making them a top choice for buying pot. get a lot of things right, but the biggest differentiator for us is how informative and professional they are. Every cannabis flower has a nice clean visual that tells you how much THC potency it contains and the smell/taste you can expect, and the product page has more info on the look and grade, a breakdown of the benefits/feeling you’ll get, the medical benefits and potential drawbacks. It goes into very in-depth detail which is incredibly informative. There is other great content sprinkled throughout the site, including a short synopsis of each strain type that is fact checked by medically licensed doctors (yes, we did a background check and they seem to check out!) Overall, a very nice touch and left us feeling very impressed. One of the biggest restraints for people purchasing weed online is whether they can trust the source, and Get really goes above and beyond to ensure you are educated and feeling confident about your purchase.

They also offer a great loyalty program including free gifts with every order (we got a grinder and bottle opener on our first order) and there are lots of great sales that are always ongoing. We found the site to be very easy to navigate and lots of product to choose from. You can easily get lost in the options available to you. It would be nice to see the most popular products on the home page, or best sellers when you click into each specific category, but we are really nitpicking here – these are definitely not dealbreakers.

However, the biggest downside to Get Kush is that you need a minimum order of $80 to even place your pot order – this is the one of the few sites we encountered this barrier. Also, shipping cost was the highest we’ve seen ($20) so that’s not ideal – you can get free shipping if your order is $149 or higher but again, that’s the highest threshold we’ve seen as well. It’s unfortunate because from a user experience standpoint, Get Kush knocks it out of the park. But these minimums definitely hurt their overall score in our eyes.


Customer Service (7 out of 10)

Get Kush offers Live chat that is very quick and responsive and the agents are helpful and friendly. They are available M-F from 9AM to 9PM EST – a bit of a bummer as we’d love to see 24/7 customer service.


Shipping ships all orders by Canada Post Xpresspost for a flat rate of $20, or free shipping if you spend a minimum of $149. As mentioned, this is the highest shipping cost we’ve seen (not by much but still something to note) and the highest minimum threshold we’ve seen for free shipping. Our order arrived within 3 business days and the entire process was smooth as butter.


Age verification

You must be 19+ to buy from this site and age verification is required.



There are a few shortcomings that keep us from giving a perfect score ($80 minimum purchase requirement,  higher shipping fee, limited live chat hours). Having said that, Get Kush is still one of our top choices. They have an incredible selection of products, the quality of products are great, and the site is easy to navigate. We still think Get Kush is best in class and you definitely will not be disappointed buying from them. 


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