What are the Differences in Weed Strains, and What does the Grading System Mean (A-AAAAA)?

When looking at various cannabis websites, you will find a slight or significant difference in price tags for different strains. If you have wondered why similar strains can have such a variation, then this is the right piece to read.

Factors that Determine the Price of Marijuana

Several factors come into play when pricing marijuana is concerned. These include;

Cannabis quality rating, aka grading system: cannabis plants are graded depending on the expertise of the cultivator, the amount of care the plant is given during its growth, where they are grown (indoors or outdoors), and the number of products or lack thereof used (nutrients, fertilizers). The rating starts from A to AAAAA. The higher the number of As, the higher the quality of the strain, and the higher the price (we dive deeper below).

The legal status of cannabis: in countries where weed is legal, the plant is found in abundance; thus, prices are lowered. Illegal weed is quite expensive due to the risks involved and insufficient supply.

Cannabis genetics and demand: cannabis breeders are constantly coming up with new strains, and as a result, the market is flooded with hundreds of hybrids to choose from. Strains that stand out in competitions, such as the Cannabis Cup are highly valued. Their demand, and consequently their price, goes up.

The reputation of the cannabis store: companies that have established authority in the cannabis niche will likely have higher prices. This is because, over the years, they have built themselves to become reliable, trustworthy, and top-of-the-line companies that deliver high-quality products. They have an established customer base.

The type of cannabis product: cannabis comes in various forms, such as buds, oils, edibles, and concentrates. The diversity allows different users to enjoy marijuana in a form that suits their preferences. Each of these products comes with a different price tag.

All these factors combined will determine the price of cannabis products. Another thing to consider is bulk buying.

Bulk purchases attract lesser prices: The more you buy, the lesser the price. Buying 14 grams of weed is more economical than buying by the gram.

Additionally, most stores offer free shipping for orders above a specific price (could be $99, $149.99, or $199). Free delivery saves on the overall cost of the weed.

What does the Grading System Mean, and How Does it Affect Pricing?

Have you ever seen A, AA, AAA, AAAA, or AAAAA next to a strain while shopping online? As indicated earlier, the A’s indicate the quality of the cannabis strains, with ‘A’ being the lowest and ‘AAAAA’ being the highest. Below is their interpretation;

A: a majority of stores do not stock this quality of weed. ‘A’ is homegrown cannabis and is considered the lowest grade of cannabis due to the minimal care and expertise applied during its growth and cultivation.

AA: strains that belong to this category usually have small buds, an undesirable appearance (brownish) and are considered lower quality. Some of the AA strains are near their expiration date, so the price is reduced to hasten the sales.

AAA: this is the common weed that you will find in most stores. In the past, this was the epitome of great marijuana. AAA is a near-perfect weed. Thanks to advancement in breeding technology, better quality weed is available. This weed is the middle ground between good and bad weed. The potency is great, making it an excellent choice for anyone working on a budget.

AAAA: weed in this category is considered high-quality, and the prices concur. With AAAA, you will need to add extra dollars, and for some, the experience is worth it.

AAAAA: This is the crème-de-la-crème of cannabis flowers. It is a masterpiece that is near perfection. Consumers will have to cough up a substantial amount of money to enjoy top-grade cannabis.

Now that you understand the various factors that determine the price of cannabis and the different grading systems, purchasing weed has just become easier. You are equipped with the necessary information to guide your purchases based on your desired quality and budget.

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