About Us

Our mission at Cannabis Canada Reviews is to educate and guide Canadians in their journey to find the best retailers for cannabis, cannabis-related and CBD products online. We know buying cannabis online can be overwhelming – there’s a tremendous amount of choice in both products and retailers. That’s where we’re committed to help – we meticulously review Canadian cannabis retailers and share our insights so you can make an educated decision on where you spend your money to get the best in cannabis products.


Who We Are

We’re just like you – cannabis enthusiasts who want to find the safest and most reliable retailers in Canada that offer cannabis products online. We’re deeply passionate about weed and CBD, and after investing time to do a tremendous amount of research, we wanted to share all of our knowledge with you. Since launching, we have become Canada’s most trusted source in the cannabis industry, providing Canadians with insight into what options they have when looking into buying cannabis online.


What We Have to Offer

The main benefit you’ll get from visiting Cannabis Canada Reviews is knowledge – we provide you with a deeper look into Canadian online cannabis retailers. We provide an overall rating, pros and cons, and a peek at the things that matter when making a purchasing decision: cost, shipping, products, customer experience, and the overall user experience. We even give you a preview of the most popular products so you can see what the retailer has to offer at a quick glance.

We also provide news related to the weed industry, and keep a regular blog on all things cannabis. Whether you are totally new to the online cannabis shopping experience, or a marijuana guru, we have something to offer to you – it’s our promise.