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7.5 out of 10


Cannabismo offers high quality cannabis products with and a smooth shopping experience through an easy to navigate website. They have a section dedicated to deals where you can find some real steals, and their mix and match program allows you to also save when you want to test out different strains. They do have a minimum $100 order restriction and we don’t love that you’re required to provide a selfie with your ID when creating an account. But overall, is still a great choice for Mail Order Marijuana.



  • Great ongoing deals
  • Mix and Match and sampler options
  • Fast processing and shipping


  • $100 minimum order restriction
  • Selfie with ID required to create an account
  • Limited live chat hours


Is legitimate?

Yes, Cannabismo is legitimate – they have more than 15 years in the marijuana industry and focus on providing customers with a secure, reliable and safe shopping experience when buying weed online. We have purchased from and can confirm they are legit.


Popular products:


Product Selection (10 out of 10)

Cannabismo is a popular choice for Mail Order Marijuana (MOMs) in Canada, offering a wide variety of products including flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures & topicals, CBD-related and accessories. But one unique product line that we haven’t seen any other MOMs offer are cannabis products for pets. This includes products like wrinkles face cream, CBD nose and paw balm, CBD dog tincture and CBD cat treats. There’s a small selection of products, but a pretty cool category nonetheless.


Product Quality (8 out of 10)

We tried out three different cannabis flowers and they came in a nicely sealed package, high quality package along with a detailed label. Our first sample was Maui Wowie, a hybrid strain, and it was fantastic. The bud was nice and fluffy – no seeds and while a bit dry, was still easy to roll and smoke. The smell was very sweet with hints of pineapple/fruit punch. The overall high was giddy and happy leaving us energetic and upbeat. Overall, this was a high quality bud and an excellent strain that both smelled and tasted great.

Purple Kush, an indica strain, is also a very good choice that we would recommend. Similar to the Maui Wowie, the bud was nice and fluffy and easy to roll and smoke. The smell was sweet and had a hint of grape to it. Finally, we tried the Purple Space Cookies, another hybrid strain that was still a nice high but we didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the Maui Wowie. The quality of the bud was once again great and easy to roll, and the smell was similar to a sweet wine. It was a mixed high but we felt more happy than relaxed.  All three are great choices to try out.

If you’re looking for some gummy edibles, the Sugar Jack THC Variety Pack Gummies are a nice option. They come in a great looking package and contain 10 gummies with 20mg of THC each.  The gummies themselves look very tasty with sugar sprinkled on top and there is no pot smell whatsoever. We did find the texture quite chewy and while sugary, there wasn’t as much flavour as we expected. However, the high was very mellow and relaxing.

For a baked good edible, the Sugar Jacks Chocolate Chip Cookie is a delicious choice. This cookie looks, tastes and smells like the real deal, but it packs a punch at 200mg of THC. It provided quite a strong happy high – likely a sativa strain. It was fresh and yummy – exactly what you’re looking for in a cookie edible.

We also tried the Euphoria Extractions Indica Toffee Crunch Shatter Bar. Unfortunately, this one landed a little flat for us. The packaging is very well done – similar to a high end chocolate bar like Lindt. It contains 250mg in total (also comes in 500mg) and the chocolate itself looks great with no smell of marijuana. However, while the taste was quite good, the high did not hit at all and the dosage seemed low. We would be willing try the 500mg version to see if hits different, but this one was the lone disappointment.

Overall, the flowers were very high quality and that is the main thing we are looking for. The edibles were hit and miss which can just be the products we chose to try. is committed to high quality and we think they deliver on that promise.


User Experience (6 out of 10)

One thing that stands out with is the great visuals on their site – every product has large, high quality photos so you can see exactly what you’re purchasing. There are product ratings and a lot of user reviews  which is a big plus for us – we appreciate seeing what others have to say about the products before making a purchasing decision.

Cannabismo also makes a concerted effort to incentivize your purchases – so much so that they have a section dedicated to just deals. There are some really great sales on an ongoing basis so we definitely appreciate that. And the sampler is a cool way to package up some different products for you to try. The overall selection is great, the navigation and purchasing process is very easy, and we found most products in stock with multiple quantity options to choose from for flowers.

Having said that, there are a couple negatives for us that we need to point out. First, the minimum order required is $100 – this is the highest minimum order restriction we’ve seen and it definitely limits customer flexibility, especially if you’re just looking to place a small order. The second thing we didn’t like was the requirement to send them a selfie of yourself holding up your ID before you can create an account (which is required before you can place an order). Privacy is an important factor with Mail Order Marijuana, and this is definitely not a step in the right direction. We still went through with it, but it’s not hard to see why some people may not feel comfortable with this.

Ultimately, we think Cannabismo is still a great choice for your cannabis needs, but the barriers to entry are definitely dealbreakers to some.


Customer Service (6 out of 10)

Cannabismo does offer live chat which we appreciate, and to their credit the agent was very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately the hours are limited, with live chat being available Monday to Thursday (10 AM to 10PM PST) and Friday (10AM to 4PM PST).



All orders are shipped by Canada Post Xpresspost for a flat rate of $15, or free shipping if you spend a minimum of $150. Our order arrived within two business days – one of the fastest experiences we’ve had so far.


Age verification

You must be 19+ to buy from this site and age verification is required – as mentioned, you must send them a selfie of yourself holding your ID. This will definitely be a barrier to some.



There some things we like a lot about, and some things that we really didn’t like. The product selection and quality are very good, especially when it comes to flower which is what most customers are looking for when buying pot. However, the limited customer service hours are not ideal, and the $100 minimum order restriction is not going to work for some people. Lastly, the having to take a selfie with your ID is not something everyone is going to feel comfortable with. Having said all that, we still think Cannabismo is a top tier online marijuana dispensary and would still recommend them as a trusted MOM.


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